donderdag 16 december 2010


Continuing the work of orange, we made a meal of the future containing some of the trends we believe in. We build the dish around a vegetable, as we believe recipes shouls start in the future from vegetables, fruits,... not anymore from meat or fish.

We chose a carrot. To find out which combinations we can make with carrot, we used our FOODPAIRING WEBSITE. From the Foodpairing tree of carrot, we selected: chicken, orange and basil.

But as chicken and orange have a carbon footprint which is high, let's replace those two ingredients by combinations of other products.

1. Replace the Chicken

As we have a large insight on aromas linked to products, we know for example which molecules are relevant in chicken. Based on that insight, we started to look for other non-meat ingredients to reconstruct the chicken flavor.

This is what we found and has the same flavour as chicken:

Spongecake ‘chicken’
80 g pine nuts
80 g sugar
4 eggs
20 g flour
20 g oil of pine nuts

- heating the pine nuts without coloration
- mixing in Thermomix with sugar
- mixing the eggs
- adding the flour
- adding pine nut oil
- set aside for at least 6 hours
-  Sieving, pouring in siphon, adding 2 gas cartridges
-  Heating in microwave: 55 seconds on 900 Watt

2. Replace the orange

As explained in the previous post, you can replace orange by this combination or another combination based on the sunburst diagram

Orange “ Carbon Foodprint “:
5 g gooseberry
20 g physalis
3 seeds of coriander
1 juniper berry
10 g melon

- mixing and sieving

3. Superfast, without compromising the flavour

Onions superfast

Cleaning the onions
Adding in vacuum bag, adding some vegetable stock
1 minute heating on 900 Watt in microwave

This way of preparing onions, give you flavour and speed.

All together, you get this recipe: Carrot – ‘Chicken’ – ‘Orange’ - Basil. 

We can also create gels without adding sugar or additives. Using the intelligence of Mother Nature, but we will return to that topic in another post.

VoilĂ , the meal of the Future...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Why are you replacing chicken because of its high Carbon Footprint by using a chicken by-product, with just as high a footprint as the substituted chicken. Not to mention that the rest of the ingredients are also carbon heavy as they are either non-local (high shipping footprint), or heavily processed (high manufacturing footprint).

  2. Scott,

    thank you for your remarks.
    We mostly aim to open the eyes and possibilities. For the orange we only used locally grown products from our area (recipe made in August). And for the chicken; it is true we use eggs (we can replace that by non-meat substitutes, but those would be hard to find in supermarkets). Even with eggs, you need less chickens to obtain more chicken meatless 'meat'.
    It is not the purpose you remake our recipe, but come up with your 'local' recipe. Our recipes are only to show it is possible...

    Kind regards,