donderdag 16 december 2010


Continuing the work of orange, we made a meal of the future containing some of the trends we believe in. We build the dish around a vegetable, as we believe recipes shouls start in the future from vegetables, fruits,... not anymore from meat or fish.

We chose a carrot. To find out which combinations we can make with carrot, we used our FOODPAIRING WEBSITE. From the Foodpairing tree of carrot, we selected: chicken, orange and basil.

But as chicken and orange have a carbon footprint which is high, let's replace those two ingredients by combinations of other products.

1. Replace the Chicken

As we have a large insight on aromas linked to products, we know for example which molecules are relevant in chicken. Based on that insight, we started to look for other non-meat ingredients to reconstruct the chicken flavor.

This is what we found and has the same flavour as chicken:

Spongecake ‘chicken’
80 g pine nuts
80 g sugar
4 eggs
20 g flour
20 g oil of pine nuts

- heating the pine nuts without coloration
- mixing in Thermomix with sugar
- mixing the eggs
- adding the flour
- adding pine nut oil
- set aside for at least 6 hours
-  Sieving, pouring in siphon, adding 2 gas cartridges
-  Heating in microwave: 55 seconds on 900 Watt

2. Replace the orange

As explained in the previous post, you can replace orange by this combination or another combination based on the sunburst diagram

Orange “ Carbon Foodprint “:
5 g gooseberry
20 g physalis
3 seeds of coriander
1 juniper berry
10 g melon

- mixing and sieving

3. Superfast, without compromising the flavour

Onions superfast

Cleaning the onions
Adding in vacuum bag, adding some vegetable stock
1 minute heating on 900 Watt in microwave

This way of preparing onions, give you flavour and speed.

All together, you get this recipe: Carrot – ‘Chicken’ – ‘Orange’ - Basil. 

We can also create gels without adding sugar or additives. Using the intelligence of Mother Nature, but we will return to that topic in another post.

VoilĂ , the meal of the Future...